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Finding a Way : Diane Simmons

Finding a Way : Diane Simmons


A poignant flash fiction collection on the theme of grief. In understated but powerful prose, Diane Simmons explores the impact of a young woman’s untimely death on her parents, brother, and husband. Everyday occurrences in a family’s life are experienced through the prism of grief; we also share the private pain of each mourner as they cry in the shower, hide in the loo at work, or rage at the mirror. The title says it all – a family finding its way through grief.

Diane is a master flash writer; the final sentence in so many of these pieces resonates with strong emotional impact.
Several of the flash pieces in this collection made me cry, but there is also hope, laughter, and the resilience of the human spirit on display, in this deeply moving collection.
Date Added: 02/24/2019 by Damhnait M.
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