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Finding a Way : Diane Simmons

Finding a Way : Diane Simmons


An outstanding collection of flash fiction on the theme of grief. Parents mourn their child, a brother struggles with the death of his sister, a young husband is bewildered by the loss of his wife. In less skillful hands this would be overwhelming but Diane Simmons strikes just the right note and the journey the reader takes is both illuminating and uplifting. She writes about the everyday ache, the awkwardness of others, the small details that people forget but she doesn’t forget the moments of laughter, the relief of friendship, the love that survives. This is a grounded collection of eminently readable and relatable stories, tiny little nuggets of truth and hard won wisdom. There are stand out individual pieces but, for me, the power and heart of this collection comes from reading it as a whole as this family navigate their way through the aftermath of loss. It’s a beautiful book, inside and out (I really love the cover!) and I applaud this book for it’s courage and honesty.
Date Added: 02/21/2019 by Alison W.
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