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It Felt Like Everything : K.S. Dyal

It Felt Like Everything : K.S. Dyal


It Felt Like Everything is as tender as a new bruise. This heartfelt novella-in-flash is told through the perspectives of teenagers Kate and Marin, who are on the cusp of becoming—confronting desire, anxiety and loneliness—in an emotional journey that’s acutely felt and courageously navigated. Each narrator is rendered distinctly real and vulnerable; each emotion held just under the skin and ready to spark. K.S. Dyal’s flawless prose overflows with surprising turns of phrase and a keen observation of human behavior that inspires us to ask not only how we view each other, but also how we view ourselves.”
— Sara Hills, author of The Evolution of Birds

“K.S. Dyal’s stunning novella-in-flash, It Felt Like Everything, is a gorgeous exploration. Divided into two distinct parts, this book delves into the lives of teenagers Kate and Marin, their stories separate, yet intersecting. With sinuous language, the author imbues the mundane with magic, making the young characters’ lives sparkle and glow. K.S. Dyal has the marvelous ability to make tiny actions explode into defining moments. This book is about hair dye and party pills, about flip phones and Shakespeare, about ignited feelings and yearning, about confusion and discovery, and, ultimately, about love. What’s particularly remarkable about this novella-in-flash is the intricate, detailed set of illustrations by the talented author that punctuate the text like so many gems. This is a book that will be treasured by the reader.”
— Sudha Balagopal, author of Things I Can’t Tell Amma

Paperback; 133mm x 203mm; 88pp

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  • ISBN: 978-1-915247-26-1
  • Published by: Ad Hoc Fiction

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