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Margot and the Strange Objects : Robin Thomas

Margot and the Strange Objects : Robin Thomas


Margot has been left a peculiar collection of ‘strange objects’ by her aunt and is on a quest to find out something about them. Helping or hindering her or engaged on some other project entirely are: two men with a burden called Nimrod, a group of children in search of sardines and ice-cream, a taciturn man with a mysterious hat, a schoolboy who’s good at asking questions, a small dinosaur, a brace of giraffes, an August Personage, George the Oak Tree (a Portuguese-speaking arboreal author), a talking building, a camel, an interfering author and Nobody. On the way through their various journeys the characters wade through difficulties sensible, silly, philosophical, practical, linguistical and scientifically really important, until …

“Bath-o-pulsars, dinosaur training grounds, an oak tree (called George) that writes books - in the most glorious way possible, Margot and the Strange Objects is absolutely bonkers, as though Robin Thomas is channeling the spirits of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear into the novella-in-flash form. Thomas has published several well-received volumes of poetry, and his first work of fiction announces a brand new voice, capable of skipping between the profound and the playful in one sentence. This book brims over with energy, ingenuity and absurdity.” ~ Michael Loveday, author of Three Men On The Edge, V.Press

Paperback; 133mm x 203mm; 118pp

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  • ISBN: 978-1-915247-04-9
  • Published by: Ad Hoc Fiction

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